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Preparation & Process

Preparation and Process

Here are the steps we take in our preparation and process:

  1. Whether it’s a deck staining project, interior, or exterior house painting project, the first thing that needs to be done is an evaluation of the condition of the surfaces to be worked on.  After a thorough assessment, the job needs will be identified.

  2. After a thorough evaluation and assessment, an estimate for the cost of project will be presented.  If the proposal is accepted, there are no hidden costs or added fees to our estimates.  The only way to change the estimate will be through a change order agreed upon by both the contractor and the customer.
  3. Upon signup a material deposit is due.  This will ensure you of a scheduling date, and we will then put you on our schedule.
  4. Paint and stain color and finish selections will be made prior to, or the day of the commencement of the work, and the customer will be updated as to the progress of the job throughout its duration.
  5. All work areas around your home will be properly protected with paper, plastic, tape, and drop cloths.  This will ensure that when we are done with the job the paint and the stain is only where it’s supposed to be.
  6. Proper preparation of all surfaces is a very essential step in the process that cannot be overlooked.  This includes a thorough cleaning of all surfaces (in most cases this will be done by pressure washing).  In this stage of the process any scraping, sanding, caulking, puttying, patching, and priming will be done. Any rusted areas will be sanded and primed with a rust inhibitive primer.  Any protruding nails will be hammered in.  Also, somewhere during the preparation process, any carpentry repairs that need to be done will be taken care of.
  7. It is only after proper preparation and cleaning has been done that your deck, house, or surface is ready for painting and staining.  We use various techniques to apply the materials.  Spraying, brushing, and rolling are the most common.  The project being done will determine the method used in any particular job.
  8. Clean up is also an essential part in the process.  When we’re done all our trash goes with us.  You won’t find any large scrapings, chunks of old caulk, or messes anywhere when we leave.
  9. After the job is done and we are gone, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your deck staining, exterior painting, or interior job was done the right way.  You also can have the assurance of knowing that all our work is guaranteed.
  10. If there are any questions or concerns after we are gone, it’s as easy as giving our company a call or contacting us.  We will quickly respond.