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Painting Services

House painted

Our premium painting services offered at DFW Finishers come with many benefits.  Our professional interior and exterior painting will:

  1. Protect the vulnerable surfaces of your home from the elements;
  2. Beautify your home (adding aesthetic appeal to your home and personal enjoyment);
  3. Maintain and even increase the value of your investment.  Our quality painting will definitely add to your personal satisfaction, enjoyment and comfort of your family’s life.

When working on the interior of your home we will move all of the large, heavy pieces of furniture for you.  We will also cover your belongings and floors with drop cloths, tape and plastic for protection.  The pros at DFW Finishers are skilled to make any needed drywall repairs (such as cracks, nail-pops, and broken seams).  We use only the best caulks, primers, paints, and products.  Most of the finish paints come in a variety of sheens. The sheen scale of finishes is as follows: flat; matte; eggshell; satin; semi-gloss; gloss; and high-gloss.  Of course when we’re finished with the work we will do an extensive clean up; we will leave the project area as clean as, or cleaner than, when we showed up.  We move all large furniture, remove and re-hang all window treatments at no charge to the customer.  We will do a final inspection of all work and also make sure that we leave touch-up paint for your future reference and use.

Please refer to our Process Page for more details.

When working on the exterior of your home we will always start with power washing.  This will ensure a clean surface for maximum adherence of all materials and products.  Pressure washing will remove all the dirt, grime and mildew from your home; it’s an essential part of a quality job and is the first step to obtain professional results.  DFW Finishers will remove your shutters and screens before washing to make sure we get your whole house clean; don’t worry we’ll clean those dirty shutters and screens too as part of our washing process; they’ll be re-hung at the end of the job.  The chemicals we use will not harm your home or landscaping.  If DFW Finishers is doing your carpentry repairs, we will take care of all repairs prior to the paint crew showing up.  Please refer to our Carpentry Repairs page for more information.  Our paint crew will remove all your downspouts to make sure the surface is painted behind them and re-hang them when finished.  We will protect any areas not being worked on with drop cloths, tape and plastic.  The painting specialists at DFW Finishers will caulk all cracks with a quality 60-year caulk to seal all the joints, hammer in any protruding nails, and putty all holes.  Our paint team will also prime any rust with a rust-inhibitive primer and prime all new or bare wood with a quality exterior primer.  We use only the best caulks, primers, paints, and products; most exterior finish paints will come in a flat, satin, or gloss sheen.  DFW Finishers will produce a custom finish through hand-brushing, rolling, and spraying techniques; we are skilled to produce professional results with all of these techniques.  We will do an extensive clean up, final inspection of all work, and make sure that we leave touch-up paint for your future reference and use before we leave.

Please refer to our Process Page for more details.