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Carpentry Repairs

Whether you are doing a deck restoration and staining, exterior paint job, or a fence project, most homes in our area will need some type of exterior carpentry and wood rot repairs before finishing.  Some rotten wood is common on most homes.  DFW Finishers is a professional company that offers a complete service.  We can take care of all your carpentry and wood replacement needs on your home.  We will give you a complete itemized list of any carpentry repairs needed and the cost prior to starting the job.  This will eliminate any questions and confusion you may have concerning the complete cost of the project.  We always do our best to identify all wood rot prior to the job, but once in a while other areas of rotten wood are found while the workers are going over every square inch of your home.  Our professional craftsman will not overlook or pass by any rotted areas that need to be replaced; they will be brought to your attention and an agreed upon cost will be given before doing any other carpentry repairs.  DFW Finishers always uses non-rot materials in place of wood products (materials such as concrete boards, composite boards, and PVC boards and trim). Our company can take care of your complete job; from wood rot and carpentry repairs to preparation and finish.  We hope this gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have chosen a trustworthy and dependable finishing company.