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Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance Plan

At DFW Finishers we believe reliable periodic and annual home maintenance is always better than waiting until other, and many times worse, problems occur.  Depending upon the service, our scheduled annual, bi-annual, or periodic maintenance will give you several benefits: 1) Continued maintenance creates the ability to keep up with the maintenance of your deck, painting, doors, home, gutters and windows (ensuring it gets done when needed); 2) Continued home maintenance will help you avoid high costs and difficult problems that could have been prevented.  It assures that any problems are quickly identified and addressed; 3) Continued home maintenance can be done at an inexpensive price; causing the value of your greatest investment to be protected 4) Continued home maintenance will keep the beauty and enjoy-ability of your home from year to year.

Whether you need door maintenance, deck maintenance, painting maintenance, or a little sprucing up, DFW Finishers will be glad to put you on our schedule and take care of it for you.  We can also contact you with a reminder that it’s time for your maintenance if needed.  We’re here to serve you and help you with your door, deck, painting and other maintenance needs.  Whatever you decide upon, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing DFW Finishers is a trustworthy and professional company that can perform your service with no hassles, excellent service, and fair pricing.